martes, 12 de julio de 2011

The General

The general has only eighty soldiers, the enemy five thousand. In his tent the general blasphemes and cries.

Then, he writes an inspired proclamation which is spread by carrier pidgeons on the enemy camp. Two hundred mariners went with the general.

The skirmish continues, a skirmish which is easily won by the General, and two regiments went over the general’s side.

Three days later, the enemy has only eighty soldiers and the general five thousand. Then the general writes another proclamation, and seventy-nine men went with him.

There is only one enemy, surrounded by the general’s army, who waits in silence. The night passed and the enemy hasn’t gone to the general’s side. In his tent the general blasphemes and cries.

In the dawn, the enemy unsheathes his sword slowly and advances to the general’s tent. Once he was inside, he stared at the general. The general’s army disbands. The sun rises.

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